VW Caddy Key Not Working in Chester

A customer in Hoole Chester asked us to check the door locks on his VW van after another local locksmith had been to him to repair the door lock. As it transpired, the very Remote VW Keys Chesterinexperienced local locksmith was unable to make a duplicate key and so he changed the door locks and gave the customer a remote fob without giving him a key for the door. The customers remote failed and so he was left locked out of his van! We were recommended by his friend and were called and we repaired his remote and made a key for his door, ensuring he was never locked out of the van again.


Audi Key Locked in Boot in Chester

One of our customers in Hoole Chesteraudi keys locked in

Found themselves locked out of a 2015 Audi and needed an auto locksmith in Chester to come and rescue the keys locked in the boot. As it was a 2016 Audi, it had the very latest type of VAG lock systems which required specialist lock picks which not every car locksmith has. Luckily we had seen the future need for such tools and had invested in them as soon as they were available. We unlocked the car in a matter of minutes and the owner was able to set of for their weekend break.

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Auto Locksmith Chester Recommended

It’s always great to hear a new customer say that we were recommended by one of their friends or relatives … That’s what happened today when we turned up to help a customer in Chester who said that their friend had commented about our honesty and competence when they had us out to rescue keys locked in the car.

Auto Locksmith Chester – Often recommended by friends and relatives