Locked Out?

If you have become locked out of the car, or if the keys are locked in the boot, keys locked in carthe simple answer is to Call Us Now 01244 399917

Our rapid response mobile auto locksmith service will come to your aid and unlock your vehicle quickly and without any damage.
We carry specialist skeleton keys and picks for individual vehicle brands so that we can mimic the original key to enable safe, fast unlocking

Free unlocking if a child is locked in the car in ChesterIf you have a child locked in your car and you are in the CH1,2,3 pr CH4 area we will unlock your car FREE of Charge.
If you are outside CH1-4, we will still come and help and ask you to make a small donation to a local charity that we support.
We offer this service because we undestand how stressfull it can be having a child locked in the car and also to releive the burder on the Fire Service.
Did you know? It costs between £300 – £800 per hour to the taxpayer for a fire engine to come out to you